Food Service Industry

Those in the food industry are well aware that they face diverse but distinct set of risks. Whether you are a restaurant owner or the manufacturer of packaged food products, the business of food production and service presents risks that simply don’t exist in other lines of business. Grills, ovens, deep fryers and open flames all make working in a kitchen particularly hazardous. Likewise, there are many food safety standards you have to take into consideration—such as labeling allergens, maintaining proper kitchen hygiene and preventing foodborne illnesses—and risk reduction can be tricky. Protect your business and your assets with a two-pronged approach. First, ensure you are seamlessly insured, then work to reduce workplace accidents that could result in costly workers’ compensation premiums.

Coverage Considerations

Your insurance package should reflect the various needs of your industry. Property exposures are substantial because your food prep and cooking equipment is costly, and it is important to protect your investments. Make sure that the business personal property insurance you have will cover any unexpected loss. Additionally, premises liability exposures can be substantial if you own a restaurant, pizzeria, bakery or deli that boasts a high volume of public traffic. Ensure you have commercial general liability and excess liability, if needed.

Restaurants and hotels must also consider the impact of liquor liability exposures and plan accordingly. For businesses who handle large amounts of cash on a daily basis, ensure your profits are safeguarded on the way to the bank with inland marine insurance. If your business delivers food, then ensure you have proper fleet or commercial auto protection as well.

Workers’ Compensation

At King Forman Insurance Agency, we have decades of experience helping those in the food service and production industry reduce risk and keep workers’ compensation costs low. Fewer accidents and OSHA violations mean your premiums will drop, and you can spend your hard-earned money in more productive ways. Visit our workers’ compensation page for more details.

Running a restaurant or food production company can be a risky business, so make sure you are protected with all-encompassing insurance coverage. Contact King Forman Insurance Agency to learn more about the unseen exposures you may face and the ways we can help.