Industry Specialties

While King Forman Insurance Agency works with all types of businesses, we also specialize in a variety of niche markets. No matter your industry, the services we offer will be tailored to your specific needs.

Apartment Buildings and Condos
Owning and maintaining an apartment complex makes you more than just a landlord; it makes you a businessperson. Protect your property and your investments by identifying exposures and eliminating gaps in coverage.

Auto Dealers
The financing and insurance components of car sales are essential to your industry. As such, the exposures you face go beyond typical property risks. They also involve crime exposure, such as employee dishonesty, theft of money or securities, and cyber fraud.

Auto Repair and Garage
For garage owners, liability issues are a real concern. With hazardous materials and heavy machinery, auto repair shops present significant exposure to accident or injury. Consider a comprehensive garagekeepers policy that is tailored to protect against the occupational risks you face.

International Business
Ensure that your insurance protects you beyond the border of the United States. International business insurance provides foreign property, liability, vehicle, workers’ compensation and travel accident coverage.

Though risks will vary significantly according to the types of goods you manufacture, many other risks are common across the manufacturing industry. In particular, safety compliance and workers’ compensation costs are a significant concern. Risk reduction and OSHA compliance are important considerations to ensure your business’s success.

Moving, Storage and Trucking
Protect your vehicles, their passengers and the goods you are transporting. Visit our transportation page for more information.

Restaurants, Taverns, Nightclubs and Pizzerias
Those in the hospitality industry must reduce liability risks in order to thrive. Visit our food service page for more information.

Staffing Agencies
In most cases, staffing agencies assume liability for the actions of their off-site employees. However, a lack of on-site supervision means that many actions are out of your hands. Protect yourself and your agency with improved employee screening programs and documented policies and procedures.

Wholesale Distribution
Product liability is a real concern for wholesale distributors. Ensure you are safeguarded against product recalls or defects with ample product liability coverage to supplement your standard property, crime and workers’ compensation insurance.

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