In the delivery and transportation industry, you’ll need more than commercial auto insurance to safeguard your business. In addition to auto coverage to protect your vehicles and the people in it, you must consider the inherent characteristics of the transportation industry. Loss analysis and control strategies must work in conjunction with your insurance protection to identify and address any delivery exposures that may exist. Whether you are delivering pizzas or transporting medical devices, the potential risks you face may be financially catastrophic.

Commercial Auto Insurance

First and foremost, commercial auto protection is a bare-bones necessity for any transportation or delivery company. There are various types of business auto insurance with varying levels of protection, including basic liability, physical damage, uninsured motorist or medical payment coverage. In addition to auto insurance, consider the property, crime and inland marine exposures you face. Business personal property, motor truck cargo, employee dishonesty and umbrella policies may be needed to fill coverage gaps.

Fleet Safety and Loss Control

To reduce losses due to accidents and on-the-job incidents, consider risk reduction strategies that will protect your bottom line. In addition to comprehensive insurance coverage, effective risk reduction strategies involve the implementation of safety-related policies and procedures. The written documentation of these policies is paramount in demonstrating your company’s dedication to safety and accident reduction. Companies that utilize trucking and transportation as all or part of their daily operations should have, at a minimum, the following written policies in place:

  • Fleet safety policy
  • Transportation employee safety manual
  • Return to work policy
  • Employee handbook
  • Driver qualification checklist
  • Driver selection checklist
  • Vehicle inspection checklist

If your business is lacking one or more of these written procedures, you aren’t alone. Many businesses fail to safeguard themselves with proper documentation. King Forman Insurance Agency can help ensure your company’s documents are comprehensive and complete. Contact us at 847-298-0100 to learn more.